Dear Families,

Welcome to Perry Tipler Middle School and ALPs Charter School!  We are unique in the fact that we house a middle school and a charter school called ALPs (Accelerated Learning Program) in one building.  We are excited to announce that ALPs Charter School officially joined Perry Tipler Middle School in 2015.   

At Perry TIpler and ALPs we have a terrific staff that is dedicated to ensuring student success. Our teachers, paraprofesssionals, office staff and custodial staff are dedicated to maximizing learning for all students while tending to the social, emotional and behavioral needs of our students.  

We are extremely proud of our system of interventions that we utilize to help students that may struggle academically in the classroom. Teachers use a formalized system to closely monitor student achievement and adjust instruction to ensure that all students learn.

We are also very proud of how we help students socially and emotionally as they transition between various levels of school.  Staff are dedicated to ensuring that students have a smooth transition into high school and take positive steps toward being college, career and community ready.  
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.   


Jay Jones